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Monday, October 20, 2014

Crafty Pumpkins

When I felt the tug on my heart to homeschool, I was beyond reluctant.  I would close my eyes and envision two scenarios.  One, our days could be filled with the most crafty, cool projects that were fun, educational, and adored by my girls.  Or, the more prevalent, my girls were running crazy and I was a complete wreck wondering what had I done.

Well, two months in and we have our great days and our not so great days.  We have crafty days, and then again we are several weeks behind on our art curriculum we purchased.  Both my daughter and I can list pros and cons to this experience, but we still know we are following God's will for this year.

We have tried several great pumpkin projects recently.  Most have been awesome, but we did have one major fail.  But it was ok, we laughed it off and maybe we'll try in again.  Here's what we have done so far this fall...

We entered the pumpkin and apple decorating contest in our State Fair!  This was a fun experience and one we hope to continue.  My oldest decorated pumpkins and left the pieces all over her display with the sign "Do you want to build a snowman?"  Super cute for all Frozen fans.  My littlest decorated apples like Elmo and Oscar.  She painted glue all over the apples and cut small pieces of ribbon and stuck all over the apples.  The eyes and mouth are just cotton balls and foam sheets.  And of course Oscar needs a can, so we used an empty bean can.  Both girls placed in the top 10 so we were super excited!

We also made pumpkin shakers in my littlest's preschool class.  They were a hit!!!!  We took our glue sticks and covered 2 paper bowls with glue.  My oldest cut orange streamer paper in 1 inch squares. We glued them all over the bowls.  We then placed a handful of pumpkin seeds inside.  The teachers and I stapled the bowls together with a construction paper stem and pipe cleaner vine.  It was perfect!

My oldest will be making orange pony bead pumpkins this weekend with her Indian Princess group. Here is our example.  This also uses pipe cleaners and then the beads.  Simple, but a little more sophisticated.  :-)  http://cutesycrafts.com/2013/09/kiddie-crafts-pony-bead-pumpkins.html

Our big fail was trying to wrap a balloon with orange yarn dipped in a glue mixture.  You are supposed to pop the balloon after it has dried and be left with a yarn pumpkin, but ours collapsed.  Not sure what we did wrong, but a great lesson that not everything can work out every time!

1 Thessalonians 5:16 - "Rejoice evermore."

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